Today most hardware and house maintenance comes with DIY solutions, but anyone hoping to install foam insulation themselves will need to be educated fully before doing so.

Spray foam insulation is a good solution to prevent mold, moisture, pest entry, and air leaks. It also helps homeowners save money on utilities for heating and cooling.

You can buy insulation in SPF Kits, which save homeowners around $800 compared to hiring a service.

The insulation is a solution of two chemicals, Polyol and isocyanate. Each needs to be kept within a certain temperature range, and the kit will have an indicator to show when the solution is too cold.

There are several things to keep in mind when spraying foam insulation.

The insulation cannot be sprayed in an area with too much moisture. Avoid spraying in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit as there is more risk of moisture in the air.

The chemicals in spray foam insulation are dangerous to skin and human contact, so it is vital for the personal installing it to wear the proper protective equipment. This involves goggles, gloves, a breathing apparatus, and full coverings. The kit should come with detailed instructions for the user’s safety.

When spraying the insulation, move slowly and aim to spray the foam an inch thick. If sprayed too quickly, the coat will only be about one half inch thick and another coat will need to be added after 45 seconds to one minute.

Do not spray more than one inch in thickness, because the additional foam compresses that underneath, preventing it to expand and dry fully. The kit should come with a warning not to spray thicker than two inches for this reason.

Because of the insulation’s fumes, the area should be avoided for 24 hours after installation. This should allow enough time for any lingering odor to dissipate as well.

While spraying your own insulation is a cheap alternative, it may be safer in the long run to hire professionals. The peace of mind from a safe, certified installation may be worth the $800 that would have been saved.

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