Black mold is a fungus that thrives well in warm moist atmospheres such as bathrooms, basements, or the kitchen. While exposure to mold can cause minor health effects such as coughing or a stuffy nose, it may also cause severe reactions to people with weakened immune systems, asthma, or mold allergies. All molds, regardless of color, should be removed from residential buildings.

How to detect mold in your home

Taking a closer look at that dark green or black spot on your wall can save your home from the spread of dangerous mold. Sometimes, it’s not as easy as that, and mold can be hiding somewhere in your attic, the basement, or the garage. If your notice a stubborn musty odor that doesn’t seem to go away, take it as an indication that mold is hiding somewhere in the house. You might also experience allergic symptoms like sneezing and coughing caused by mold inhalation. You should involve an expert to look at your home if you suspect mold infestation.

Can you use spray foam over black mold?

Most residential buildings with mold infestation suffer from air leakages that allow a mixture of warm and cold air, creating a humid environment perfect for molds to bread. Preventing this requires you to reduce moisture accumulation by creating air-tight seals in areas such as the basement and the attic to inhibit and prevent future growth of mold. Using spray foam on currently developing mold patches can hinder growth and prevent any further spread—the spray foam cuts off mold’s moisture and air supply as it’s water-resistant. While spray foam is just part of the solution, proper ventilation of high-risk areas around your home should be your number one weapon against mold inhabitation.

Spray form controls indoor condensation and reduces humidity. If combined with your HVAC system, you will not only have a well-balanced air circulation system but will also minimize seasonal cooling and heating costs. Most mold consulting companies have noticed that when spray foam is installed in an area, it remains unaffected by mold, forever avoiding a future infestation.

Molds are dangerous to our health; getting rid of them is also a costly and stressful endeavor. Often, mold is a very sneaky fungus, and its spread can’t be easily detected. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. Sealing spaces such as the attic can rob molds the moisture it requires to grow and what better way to do it that to use foam insulation.

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