Insulating a building is an incredibly important part of a construction project. Regardless of where you live and the weather there, this insulation can provide an added layer of protect from the outdoors. There are a few different varieties available. This includes fiberglass, cellulose and spray foam.

If you’ve heard of spray foam but don’t know too much about it, it’s a good idea to do some research before you settle on this product for your next renovation or build. Spray foam has been around since the 1980’s. While it wasn’t used all that frequently back then, spray foam insulation has become a commonly used product these days. It can be added to older areas like attics, crawl spaces and basements. But how long does spray foam actually last? The answer to this question will help you determine if this is a good investment to make.

A Lifetime of Protection

Made from an inert polymer, spray foam insulation is designed to last a very long time. It’s applied by blowing it over the area that you want to insulate. It’s dries hard and you don’t have to worry about removing it or replacing it like you would fiberglass insulation. It can also add some strength to the foundation of your home.

The Stronger Insulation Option

Spray foam insulation becomes very rigid when it’s completely dry. It’s an impermeable layer of protection that withstands wind, moisture changes and temperature changes without becoming altered or moved. If you live in an area with extremely cold winters or you have a hurricane season to worry about, you’ll be happy to know that spray foam insulation will stay in tact for many years to come.

Where You Install It Matters

Spray foam insulation should be installed at two inches per pass. A two pound polyurethane spray foam will last for decades when applied this way, as long as it has been covered up. It also shouldn’t be exposed to moisture or sun. UV rays can break it down a bit.

Spray foam insulation have been around for more than thirty years now. At this point in time, people have not had to remove the insulation and replace it with something else. Only time will tell when it comes to the actually duration of time that spray foam insulation sticks around. For now, people are finding that it holds up extremely well over the course of years and years.

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