Spray Foam Tank Containment


Wear and Abrasion Enhanced Lining
100% Seamless – Won’t Peel or Crack
Fast Cure Eliminates the Need for Release Agents

The advantages of using Polyurea lining systems are quite simple. The most common complaint heard with other liners, such as epoxy, is that they tend to crack under duress. This can be attributed to the fact that they do not possess any expansion or contraction capabilities.

The physical characteristics of Polyurea liners are far superior to anything else on the market. Not only do they have the ability to expand/contract, but they also can handle extreme temperatures ranging from -40 Fahrenheit to 350 degrees Fahrenheit without any physical changes to the liner.

It will eliminate freight damage from water leakage (no cracks!). This liner will extend the life of whatever it may be applied to.

Features of our Liners

100% Seamless Spray applied
Eliminates potential failure points
Cures in seconds

Outstanding Elongation
Excellent compensation
Will not peel or crack

Superior Abrasion Resistance
Unsurpassed qualities of resistance

Low Temperature Flexibility
Flexible over a range of temperatures as low as -45° F


Fast Cure / Fast Production
Enables rapid recoat schedules
Quick resistance to weather and expedient production

High Build 
Unlimited thickness achievable over a short time.

Can be applied safely at temperatures as low as 35° F

Will outlast concrete
Will even outlast carbide steel

Eliminate Back Haul 
Increases lubricity to prevent coal from sticking in cars